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Krister "KriB" Björklund, born and raised in Viskafors, a small industrial community 15 km south of Boras.
Since 2005 living in Sundsvall and working as a personal caretaker. I have my studio in Timrå , where you are welcome in, whenever you feel like it.

I started painting during a period when I was on long-term sick leave, I suffered from Panic anxiety and Fatigue Syndrome.

The acrylic began and showed me the way to painting. 

After many years of acrylic it was time to get to know all the oil paint's properties. To develop in oil is not just fun, it's a lifelong learning ... Today I am open in my creation. I experiment and test different techniques. 

I am self-taught and I learn a lot from watching art and other artists.

Nature is my biggest source of inspiration.
For me it is important that the painting makes me feel good.

With my work, I want to leave an impression on the viewer, awaken a thought or a feeling.


Vivstavägen 17

Timrå Sweden

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